L4LL Promotes Summer Reading on Univision’s Despierta America

L4LL Promotes Summer Reading on Univision's Despierta America

We are very excited to collaborate this summer with Univision Educación in partnership with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote the importance of summer reading and explain Common Core standards.

That includes a series of appearances on Univision’s highly-rated national morning show Despierta América. L4LL co-founder Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D. shares tips to help parents and students combat the so-called Summer Slide where students can lose up to 22% of what they learned during the school year during summer vacation.

L4LL Promotes Summer Reading on Univision's Despierta America

Despierta América host Satcha Pretto and L4LL co-founder Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D. discuss tips to prevent summer reading loss. Courtesy: Univisión

L4LL 5 Tips to Prevent Summer Reading Loss for All Readers

  1. Find ways to include activities and projects that boost literacy skills: Some examples include challenging your child to write letters (not email!), poetry, or creating a family history album with in-depth stories about family members.
  2. Educational apps: Look for those that develop reading and writing skills such as story builders.
  3. Embrace audiobooks: Did you know that listening to stories improves reading comprehension and teaches grammar and sentence structure?
  4. Keep your students engaged by varying the subject matter: Studies show that reading mysteries can improve reading comprehension and reading the Great Books improves empathy.
  5. Give them access to books: Take them to the library, the bookstore, give them eReaders, stock your tablet with eBooks!

L4LL 5 Tips to Prevent Summer Reading Loss for Older Students

  1. Incorporate technology: Instead of game central, turn your tablet into educational central with access to eBooks and eMagazines.
  2. Use incentives smartly: Don’t pay your kid to read. Do recognize her hard work and efforts at the end of the summer with something she’ll enjoy. L4LL is giving away up to 20 Chromebooks and Google Play gift cards to tweens and teens who complete our summer reading program.
  3. Start a book club: Reading can be more fun when you read together. Invite your child’s friends to participate in a book club over the summer and meet every week or every other week to discuss or share books.​
  4. Create a Reading Space: Let your child create her own reading nook in the house and encourage her to personalize the area.​
  5. Avoid boring books!: Teens want stories that capture their emotions and to which they can relate. Check out our specially curated L4LL recommended summer reading lists of U.S. Latino children’s authors and illustrators.

Click here to read the article and tips in Spanish, as well as watch the Despierta América interview in Spanish with host Satcha Pretto and L4LL co-founder Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D. This broadcast aired on June 18, 2014.


L4LL 2014 Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program Press Release

2014 SRP module SU

For Immediate Release
Contact: Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D
June 2, 2014



WHAT: The nation’s first Summer Reading Program specifically designed for Latino children returns this summer using interactive web-based programs, apps, and social media to help bridge the literacy gap because we recognize today’s students, especially Hispanics, are natives to technology.

This year, 6- to 12-year-old children will be able to participate in our L4LL “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Summer Reading Camp, featuring more than 100 culturally relevant, fun, and Common Core aligned literacy-focused activity worksheets. In partnership with Qlovi, a free K-12 eReading and writing platform, Premium subscribers will also have access to free digital eBooks and can even challenge themselves with online quizzes. A modest subscription fee to the DIY Summer Reading Camp is available for families and groups such as schools and libraries.

Like last year, our free basic registration allows families, educators, and students to access bilingual literacy materials such as our L4LL Summer Reading List with titles by U.S. Latino children’s authors and illustrators divided by age, reading pledges, reading logs, and certificates of achievement, all at no cost.

The families of participating students who complete the program will qualify to enter our reading incentives giveaway–perfect for heading back to school. Our giveaway includes:

  • Basic school supplies for 60 families
  • Google Play gift cards to help parents and students find eBooks online
  • Google Chromebooks for students and schools

Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL) designed this innovative program with the goal of helping students reach and exceed literacy goals while having fun thanks to the support of Delta DentalBoden PR, Social Lens Research, KNP CommunicationsThe Wise Latina Club, Mommy Maestra, and is powered by Google.

WHO: Newborns to children eighteen years of age. To maximize success, L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program also welcomes adult stakeholders to reinforce, model, and help students exceed literacy skills such as parents, teachers, librarians, authors, illustrators, computer programmers, and celebrities.

WHEN/WHERE: The L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program is an online 10-week session beginning June 1 until August 10, 2014 that participants can individualize according to their learning and scheduling needs. Updates and additional information will be posted on our website blog, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

HOW: After registering on our website, participants can download the premium DIY Summer Reading Camp and/or the freemium L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program package. Throughout the summer, students and parents will be tracking the time spent reading and completing the curriculum while staying engaged through interactive events including literacy and family-focused crafts, YouTube videos, Google+ Hangouts on Air, and at the end of the summer qualify to enter for great reading incentives such as Google Chromebooks.

For summer reading program underwriting opportunities and media interviews, please contact Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D. by filling out our contact form.

L4LL’s 2014 Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program Is Live

Latino Children's Summer Reading Program

2014 SRP module 600

We proudly announce the 2014 L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program, powered by Google, is back for its second year after last year’s successful pilot!

We know that one of the greatest stumbling blocks that our children face academically is literacy. Too many are not reading well by the end of third grade. This has a tremendous impact on the rest of their academic life because after third grade, instead of learning to read, they must read to learn.

Summer is an especially crucial time for all students because during these two to three months, they can forget and lose important literacy skills they learned during the school year. It’s also a great time to help foster their love of reading. Our 10-week program aims to help families and educators counter the so-called “summer slide” where students can lose up to 22% of what they learned during the school year, even more acute for Hispanic students. To reverse this detrimental trend, L4LL designed an original program to education standards that is culturally relevant and fun to help parents and educators develop their students’ literacy skills such as reading comprehension and vocabulary development. The program goes live on June 1 and runs through August 10, 2014 with readers qualifying at the end of the program to enter to win our reading incentives giveaway including Google Chromebooks, Google Play gift cards, and basic school supplies!

This year, we unveil the Premium summer reading program called the “Do It Yourself (DIY) 10-week Summer Reading Camp.” Families who purchase this option for a modest subscription fee of $50 — that’s only $5 dollars a week! — will be able to guide their children’s reading and writing skills development through more than 100 original, pedagogically designed, and culturally-based printable activity pages divided into 10 weekly themes of:

  1. Music
  2. Art
  3. Poetry
  4. Folklore
  5. Summer
  6. Sports
  7. Nature
  8. Food
  9. Familia
  10. Immigration & Heritage

And all of these Camp printables will be available in Spanish this week!

Premium members can also keep track of the 8 titles their kids (up to 4) are reading using our online form, then submit the titles with a simple click of a button to enter to win fabulous prizes.

Premium members also have access all summer to the Freemium component which include:

  • Our 2014 recommended reading lists of titles by U.S. Latino children’s authors and illustrators divided by age group (0-4; 4-8; 9-18 year olds)
  • Reading pledges because writing down commitments maximizes goal setting and success
  • Reading logs to track titles and daily minutes
  • Certificates of achievement to celebrate and reward your child’s commitment

Groups such as libraries, community centers, language camps, schools, and other educational programs can order our group DIY Reading Camp for children ages 6 to 12 years old. For more information including subscription fees and to order the L4LL Group DIY Reading Camp, please CLICK HERE.

Families can CLICK HERE to register for this year’s L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program.

The 2014 L4LL Latino Children's Summer Reading Program sponsors

Vision, passion, and conviction can spark change. But resources sustain it. L4LL is grateful to our underwriters who when we shared our idea, all said, “I’m in! How can I help?” including Delta DentalBoden PRSocial Lens Research, and KNP Communications. We thank the readers and team members of The Wise Latina Club and MommyMaestra for supporting us while Monica and I temporarily turned away to burn the morning, afternoon, evening, and midnight oil to create this program.

Last but not least, we thank Google for the support and technology to help our program reach and be as accessible to as many families and community groups as have web access.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing many great components to this project. If you or your company would like to support the L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program, please contact us.

In advance, we salute you  for your commitment to raising readers and for joining our mission to improve literacy and lives.

¡A leer!/Let’s read! ~ Viviana and Monica

Cinco de Mayo Summer Reading Program Donation

Cinco de Mayo is a minor commemoration, but one that the marketing departments of alcoholic beverages companies have blown up to rake in the dólares.

We decided to turn this sad fact into a positive mission: L4LL is hosting a Cinco de Mayo fundraiser–our first live event–with 100% of the suggested $10 donation cover going to gift our L4LL Group Latino Children Summer Reading Program to a library, community group, summer camp, or school.

Location: Diego Restaurant

2100 14th Street NW and V Street NW, 2nd Floor

Washington, D.C. 20002

May 5th, 2014 from 6p-11p.

Taking a cue from our loyal readers who suggested a donation page for those who can’t attend, we created this page for you to donate–no amount is too small or too large.

Party with purpose! In this case, your donation is helping parents, educators, and students narrow the education achievement gap.

Thank you for your commitment and for joining our mission to improve literacy and lives!