A Video Book Report on Dancing Home

Have you submitted a video book report, yet, for the Young Adult Challenge? We have 10 Chromebooks and 10 Nexus 7 tablets ready to ship out in a few weeks after the deadline passes. Families with children ages 9 to 18 have until August 12th to submit their videos. Find all the details here.

Check out how easy it is to do a video book report by watching Marianna Cruz‘s awesome book report below. We thoroughly approve of her book choice (Alma Flor Ada and Gabriel M. Zubizarreta will be thrilled!) and are so proud of her presentation. She told us her name, which book she chose, a little bit about it, why she likes it, and if she recommends it to other kids. She did an incredible job, don’t you think? ¡Bien hecho, Marianna!

¡Aplausos, por favor!

L4LL YouTube Channel: Curating U.S. Latino Children’s Literature Videos on YouTube

By: Viviana Hurtado

You may have seen Tito Puente: Mambo King/Rey del Mambo featured in last week’s Video of the Week/Video de la Semana. You maybe have also seen our first Google Hangout where my partner Monica Olivera, Google’s Head of Multicultural Marketing Eliana Murillo, and I introduced the program.

If you’re following us on social media you ran across this:

We are designing the L4LL YouTube Channel to be an online multimedia library available to students and families with web access. In effect, we are curating a library of U.S. Latino children’s literature in English, Spanish, and both languages that tell beautiful stories while advancing critical literacy skills according to age group and learning levels.

We are combining the best of a traditional library–catalogues–and the best of technology–playlists–to divide book videos into micro-categories:

More categories or playlists are being created.

Please click here to check out the L4LL Playlists that catalogue our favorite U.S. Latino children’s literature, highlighting the rich, vibrant talent developing in the U.S. and rooted in the deep tradition of Spanish and Latin American literature. We have also included subscriptions to some of our favorite channels such as Sesame Street and TEDEducation, using multimedia to further learning while having fun!

We also want to ask you for your suggestions: What is your favorite Latinos Kids Lit book or story? Please share and send us a link. We would love to include it in our YouTube library!