Bienvenidos ~ Welcome to Latinas for Latino Literature


Welcome to the new Latinas for Latino Literature (L4LL) website! Lisa, Carla, Viviana and I (Monica) have been working steadily over the last couple of months to develop projects and events dedicated to supporting and connecting Latino authors with the Latino community.

Our goals for L4LL include:

  • Raising awareness among Latinos about Latino literature,
  • Promoting and supporting Latino authors,
  • Encouraging the Latino community to ask for – and buy! – Latino literature,
  • Share resources for Latino families who want to find Latino children’s literature,
  • Encourage major publishing companies to seek out and print more books by a diverse group of Latino authors,
  • Help publishing companies think outside the box when it comes to reaching the Latino community and getting these books in our hands.

This site will continue to be developed over the coming months. We’ve started off by listing links to other groups or individuals who are also promoting Latino literature, and we have also dedicated a page with links to the websites of an initial list of Latino authors and illustrators. We’re looking forward to growing both these pages. April is a HUGE month for us. Not only are we officially launching this website, but we’ve also put together two incredible events, which we will be announcing within the next couple of weeks.

We would love to hear from you! If you have a book review you’d like to share, contact us. We’re happy to share your review or new book here or on our Facebook page.

Un abrazo!