MM: Latino Children’s Literature – It’s About More Than Just Reading

by Monica

As most of you probably already know, an article came out last week in the New York Times talking about the lack of Latino children’s literature available to Latino students. This is an issue that I have spent a lot of time working on, starting with MommyMaestra’s sister blog, the Latin Baby Book Club. In recent months, things have been quiet over there because, quite honestly, I’m just one person (and a homeschooling mother) and my plate is full. I have been seriously considering merging the blog with MommyMaestra, and that option remains on the table, so some big changes may be coming soon.

But back to the article…I expressed some of my views about it this weekend in an article on NBC Latino, as well as on HuffPo Live with Alicia Menendez. If you read the article, you probably have a good understanding of what the market has done in the last few years and where the disconnect occurs.

I’ve frequently heard publishing companies say that there’s no market because Latino families don’t buy books. What?? I say in disbelief looking around my home, in which almost every room has a set of bookshelves or two… or nine (yay for home libraries!).

I also asked you, dear readers, what your opinions were on this whole subject. Here’s what some of you said…READ MORE.