L4LL on Telemundo

Latinas for Latino Literature (L4LL)’s Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program on Telemundo’s Sunday Public Affairs Show
By: Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D.

Here at L4LL, our “communications strategy” is based on the ol’ principle: que corra la voz del pueblo–old fashioned word of mouth. But when you’re able to tell your story to a bigger part of el pueblo, well, that just means that more people will have the opportunity to hear about our kids summer reading program and say, “Hey, this would be perfect for Yunior. I’m going to sign up.” Or: “Oye, how about Doña María’s granddaughter? I’m going to pass it on.”

So we were super psyched when Telemundo network’s Sunday Public Affairs show Enfoque con José Díaz-Balart invited us to explain our program including:

  • The literacy and education need we identified in our community that galvanized us to create the summer reading program and what we plan to accomplish.
  • How we designed it specifically for Latino families–with reading lists of U.S. Latino children’s books, all printables in English and Spanish, and weekly newsletters to parents with literacy tips to keep the kiddos motivated and reading.
  • If you speak Spanish but your child is reading in English, we give you ideas to help you support your reader.

In José’s absence, Telemundo national correspondent Lori Montenegro anchored and busted out with her dog-eared copy of Cinderella! She’s kept the first book her parents gave her and told us it set her curiosity on fire–what would lead her years later to pursue storytelling as a journalist.

Award-winning author and illustrator Lulu Delacre, who made the first author PSA video for the L4LL YouTube channel in support of the summer reading program joined us to speak about the importance of parental involvement at the earliest age in their children’s reading development and spoke about her inspiration–the rich Latin American oral and literary tradition parents can share with their kids.

Click here to watch Latinos for Latino Literature (L4LL)’s co-founder Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D. and critically-acclaimed author and illustrator Lulu Delacre on Telemundo’s Enfoque with guest host Lori Montenegro. This broadcast aired on Sunday, July 14, 2013.
Do you have one book that you read as a child that changed your life? Please leave a comment!