Lunchtime Author Google Hangout with Author/Illustrator Duncan Tonatiuh

Award-winning author and illlustrator Duncan Tonatiuh completes our 2015 L4LL Lunchtime Author Google Hangout series. Duncan shows us his forthcoming book Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras which is being released by Abrams in September.

I have read every book Duncan has written and illustrated, in part because his books, while marketed as children’s literature, deal with tough topics such as immigration, social justice, and equality. When I asked him about delving head first into these hot topics, he reveals it has as much to do with his passion for these themes as his younger readers who deserve more credit as sophisticated readers. His unique choice of subject matter is also being rewarded in the form of awards such as the forthcoming 2015 Américas Award which he will be sharing with his colleague Margarita Engle. Click here to read the blog post and view our earlier Author Lunchtime Google Hangout with Margarita.  Duncan tells us that the recognition is important because it gives his books visibility with librarians, teachers, and book stores who are looking for additions which maximize the exposure to kids.

This point connects with how Duncan has always been published by Abrams, a mainstream publishing house. While an exception among writers from diverse backgrounds who often times publish in small presses or self-publish, Duncan has been able to navigate the tricky politics of publishing, his talent and uniqueness being rewarded with more book deals, prizes, which perhaps will create opportunities for other diverse authors.

Our “Lunchtime Author Google Hangout” series is part of our 2015 Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL) Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program.

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El autor/ilustrador galardonado Duncan Tonatiuh termina nuestra serie de conversaciones en Google Hangout con autores. Duncan compartió sus planes como un nuevo libro Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras que se publica en septiembre cuando también recibe un “Premio Américas” que comparte con su colega Margarita Engle. Detalla su relación de “vai-ven” con México donde nació y actualmente vive y los Estados Unidos donde hizo su carrera académica y profesional, además de su compromiso de seguir explorando temas candentes como la inmigración, la justicia social y la igualdad para su público de lectores jóvenes.

Nuestra serie de “Google Hangouts a la hora del almuerzo con autores” forma parte de nuestro L4LL Programa de lectura de verano para jóvenes latinos de 2015.

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