Literacy Craft Tutorial: Favorite Words Placemat

Favorite Words Placemat

This week, the L4LL DIY Summer Reading Camp theme is FOOD/COMIDA. The following literacy craft tutorial is a guest post by Dariela Cruz who publishes the site,

In our home we have tons of placemats because I love to make new ones for any occasion. Some of them get used daily and some of them for holidays only because they have a specific theme.

In this case, the theme is “words.” Making collages is a craft that kids of all ages enjoy because looking for what you need and creating that big, final mixed-art piece will be very personal – it will feel special. I told the kids to sort through the magazines and cut their favorite words. They could also include images, which was important for my little girl who is only 4 years old. She included more images and I helped her with the words.

After the placemat is done, they use it. They look at the words and images they cut and arranged themselves with a sense of pride. Plus they are constantly reading what they chose!

Here is how to make a Favorite Words Placemat:


-1 white poster board 11 x 17”
-Magazines to cut
-Construction paper and/or patterned paper
-Decoupage glue (matte or glossy is ok)
-Wide paintbrush
-Clear sealer spray
-Scissors and craft knife
-Craft glue


Step 1: Cut
Start by letting the kids sort through the magazines and cut as many words and images as they want.

Literacy Craft: Step 2

Meanwhile, cut some color paper or patterned paper in rectangles and glue them on the poster board, leave some white spaces as well. This is done to give the placemat some color instead of it being just all white.

Literacy Craft: Step 3

Let the kids cut out the letters of their names and glue them on a special block of color on the top of the placemat. You may need to help the little ones by doing this part for them.

Literacy Craft: Step 4

Time to glue all the cut-outs to the placemat!

Literacy Craft: Step 5

After the placemat is done, apply several layers decoupage glue with a brush. Make sure each layer dries before applying the next. Do at least 3 layers on the front and then 2 on the back.Wait until it dries for at least 4 hours so it can be used. (Option2: Instead of decoupaging the placemat, laminate it.)

Literacy Craft: Step 6

Keep in mind that this placemat can’t be submerged in water and it should be cleaned with a slightly dampened cloth.



While using the placemats ask the kids which is their most favorite word and why. If they are learning how to spell, ask them to spell the word aloud!

Favorite Words Placemat




Dariela is a Venezuelan mom and graphic designer currently living in San Diego, CA. She blogs at Mami Talks, where she shares the day-to-day as a mom of her 6 year-old son Adrian and 3 year-old daughter Maya. In her blog you can always find fresh ideas, crafts and inspirations filled with lots of photography. She is passionate about family, culture and anything art related. Connect with Dariela on twitter: @darielacruz, Facebook, Google+ or her Design Blog.


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