Literacy Craft Tutorial: DIY: Book-Inspired Sports ID Tag

Book-inspired ID tag tutorial

Book-inspired ID tag tutorialBook-inspired ID tag tutorial

This week, the L4LL DIY Summer Reading Camp theme is SPORTS! The following literacy craft tutorial is a guest post by Denise Cortes who publishes the site, PearMama.

Soccer is a big deal in my house. My son Cyan just finished up his very first season of soccer, and I just became the quintessential soccer mom. Every Saturday morning we would pack up our chairs and snacks and cheer on my boy while he ran up and down the field, kicking the ball and being awesome. He learned so much and now he’s hooked!

As a busy mom with six kids, team sports have always been a challenge for me. The cost (registration, new shoes, uniform, etc.), the time away from home, and making the commitment to attend team practice and games usually has me shaking in my boots. However, the excitement of being on a team and the smile on my child’s face when he sees me cheering from the sidelines makes it so worthwhile.

Since my boy is constantly schlepping his soccer bag to and from the soccer field, I wanted to make him a fun book-inspired ID tag to celebrate Latinas for Latino Lit’s 2014 Summer Reading Program. I’m a big fan of fun, functional crafts. With this cool ID tag on his soccer bag, my son can easily spot it amongst his teammates. It also showcases his love of reading and soccer.


You’ll also need this:

  • glue stick or Mod Podge
  • paintbrush
  • black marker

Whenever I am crafting, I really try to utilize my resources. Instead of going out and buying a thick piece of cardstock, I used a piece of cardboard. I just cut it down to the size I wanted my ID tag, which was 3 x 3 inches. I also cut a circle so I could make a soccer ball shape. On the white paper, draw a soccer ball, making sure its the same size as the cardboard circle. Color it in with the Sharpie marker and then cut it out.


Glue the soccer ball drawing onto the round cardboard shape. Also, glue the blue scrapbooking paper onto the cardboard as well. You can use a glue stick, but for this particular project, I prefer Mod Podge. Not only will it glue my shapes together, it will seal the surface and make the ID tag a bit more sturdy. This means you’ll need a coat under your paper to glue it down to the surface as well as a coat brushed on top to act as a sealer. Once that coat is dry, you can add little details on your “book” with a black marker.


My son’s team was called “The Transformers” and the team color was blue so I kept to a blue palette. I also cut out a few triangles to give it a fun, modern look. Glue them down with another coat of Mod Podge. Doodling a few fun designs would look great on your ID tag, too.

Once it’s completely dry, make a hole in the corner of each shape using the hole punch. Pull the shapes onto the loose leaf ring.


Be sure to flip the ID tag over and write down your child’s information, just in case his or her bag gets lost. Your book-inspired sports ID tag is now ready to be displayed on a sports bag or backpack. My boy loves his new ID tag that mom made just for him!


Have a great summer and make sure you stay tuned for more fun summer reading crafts.




Denise Cortes is a writer/blogger and an artist when she isn’t tending to her family and teaching art. Denise is the content creator at, a blog about a Latina mom raising six kids and living a creative life. A native of Southern California, Denise has been blogging since 2006, when her husband suggested she continue her life-long practice of journal writing about life and family. Since then, she’s been sharing fun DIY craft projects, Latino culture, creating art on TOMS shoes and writing heartfelt parenting stories about her children, ages 8 to 16. Denise is also a regular contributor at BabyCenter and You can also follow her on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


L4LL’s DIY Summer Reading Camp in English & Spanish

DIY Camp module

Did you know that our L4LL DIY Summer Reading Camp is available in English and Spanish? Available to Premium subscribers, this reading camp has 100+ printable activity pages sorted into 10 different themes to span our 10-week summer reading program.
These literacy activities are culturally-based and designed for kids in 2nd through 6th grade. Your kids will read about famous Latinos such as Pelé and Celia Cruz, and learn about curanderas. They’ll get to create their own family tree, follow a recipe for making their own paletas, write poetry, compose their own song, keep an adventure journal, and try to mark off all of the fun activities on our Summer Bucket List.

Download some sample pages from our L4LL DIY Summer Reading Camp below by selecting your preferred language:



Additional Latino children’s literature titles are recommended for each theme, but the DIY Camp is a stand-alone program and you do not have to purchase any books to accompany it.

You can,  however, download four free eBooks thanks to our partnership with Qlovi, an online eReading and writing platform. When you sign up, you’ll receive a special code that lets your family access these titles from any digital device.

To purchase your Premium subscription, click here

Freemium subscribers: you can purchase individual files for $6 each. Visit our online shop.


L4LL’s 2014 Summer Reading Incentives

SRP Giveaway module

We are so excited to announce this year’s summer reading program incentives! As you may remember from last year, we firmly believe that children should be rewarded for their hard work and incentives, when used sparingly, can help to motivate students – especially reluctant readers. Don’t forget that last summer we shared with you How to Use Incentives to Get your Child to Read, if you are looking for some helpful tips.

We have a great collection of educational products that we’ll be giving away at the end of the program to families with parents or children who read 8 books over the course of the summer. Our fantastic giveaways are available to all our program participants – both freemium and preemium members. See a complete list of our incentives below.

Important Reminders:

  • Registration CLOSES on July 14th.
  • Submission forms for up to 4 children per family are available in your Account pages. Just log in to access them.

** INTERNATIONAL FAMILIES: Children in the older age groups are not eligible to win the school supplies or Chromebooks. However, if you are one of the first 50 families to complete the program, then you will be eligible to receive a $50 Google Play gift card.


4 and Under

Parents who read 8 books to their children under 4 years old this summer will be entered to win a $50 Google Play gift card to help parents find and purchase additional eBooks on Google Play to read to their children.


In addition, three families will be entered to win a 1-year subscription to Zoobean‘s Book-of-the-Month Club, which sends a carefully selected book to your home once a month, and includes an accompanying digital lesson plan delivered to your email. This service helps parents nurture their children’s literacy skills with books and activities geared to your child’s interests. Zoobean is a  personalized subscription service that serves families with children ages 0 – 8 years old.


4 to 8 Years

School supplies

Once again, we’re looking forward to helping parents with the expenses associated with back-to-school time at the end of the summer. This year, the first 60 families who complete the summer reading program and whose children read and submit the titles of 8 books over the course of the summer will automatically receive a backpack full of free school supplies!


9 to 18 Years (Young Adult Challenge)


One of the goals of the Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program is to take advantage of technology and use it to boost literacy skills among our youth. Our Young Adult Challenge does exactly that as it combines technology with Latino literature.

We understand that kids ages 9 to 18 need access to technology for academic achievement and to help parents cover the cost of a laptop on which their children can do research, write reports, graph data, and much, much more, we’re giving away Chromebooks!

The families of participants in this age range who submit a list of the 8 books they’ve read over the summer, as well as a video book report about a piece of Latino (children’s) lit that they’ve read, will be entered to win a Chromebook donated by our sponsor, Google, and $50 Google Play gift cards to help you purchase educational applications for your Chromebook.  The video book report will be archived in the L4LL YouTube channel. This book may be one of the 8 books they’ve read for the program, and may or may not be found on our reading list for young adults. Up to 20 winners will be chosen at random from the entries.

For a complete description of the YA Challenge Rules, click on the link below.

YA Challenge Resources


Video of the Week: Latino Folk Tales, Cuentos Populares – Art by Latino Artists

DIY Summer Reading Camp: Folklore

Video of the Week Folklore

If you are participating in this year’s L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program as a Premium member, then you are probably half way through the first themed week in our DIY Summer Reading Camp. The theme this week is Folklore. To supplement the activity pages, we’ve found this marvelous video for your family to watch. You’ll find lots of beautiful images by Latino illustrators in this educational video that discusses the Latino Folk Tales, Cuentos Populares – Art by Latino Artists Exhibition that took place at the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum last year. The exhibition displayed 65 framed original artworks from 12 well-known artists: Leovigildo Martinez, Maya Christina Gonzalez, Lulu Delacre, Lucia and Gloria Perez, Felipe Dávalos-González, Beatriz Vidal, Honorio Robledo, Esau Andrade Valencia, Amy Córdova, Susan Guevara, and Raul Colón.


(If you haven’t signed up for the Premium subscription, you can still purchase this week’s Folklore printable separately. Try it out and see if your child loves it as much as mine do.)

The L4LL 2014 Summer Reading Lists

2014 L4LL Summer Reading Lists

2014 L4LL Summer Reading Lists

One of the most popular features of our summer reading program is our annual Summer Reading Lists. These thoughtfully curated lists highlight titles by Latino authors (and illustrators) written to reflect the Latino experience through its diverse culture, traditions, and people. Each summer we share three lists for different age groups:

  • Newborn to 4 Years Old – Simple, colorful books in English and Spanish for parents to read to their children 4 years old and younger.
  • 4 to 8 Years – Picture books in English and Spanish, including a section dedicated to biographies of famous (and not-so-famous) Latinos
  •  9 to Young Adult –  Latino literature titles for tweens and teens in English and Spanish.

Our lists introduce families to both recently released titles and other fabulous books that have been around for several years.

You can access these reading lists by logging into your account (under the “Members” tab above) and then clicking on the “Freemium Downloads” tab in your account page. You must be a Freemium or Premium subscriber to download these lists. And for your convenience they are available in color or black-and-white copies.

SRP Bookstore

Need help finding the books on our list?

Last year, we had a lot of participants asking where they could find the books on our lists. Some bookstores carry Latino children’s literature, and you can sometimes find them on the publishers’ websites. To make it easier for everyone, though, we’ve gone ahead and put all of the titles together in our Summer Reading Bookstore, where they are grouped according to the reading list. You’ll also find Kindle versions of the titles that are available in that digital format. Powered by Amazon, L4LL receives a small portion of any purchases made from our bookstore, which helps us continue our work for Latino literacy.

Happy reading!


L4LL 2014 Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program Press Release

2014 SRP module SU

For Immediate Release
Contact: Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D
June 2, 2014



WHAT: The nation’s first Summer Reading Program specifically designed for Latino children returns this summer using interactive web-based programs, apps, and social media to help bridge the literacy gap because we recognize today’s students, especially Hispanics, are natives to technology.

This year, 6- to 12-year-old children will be able to participate in our L4LL “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Summer Reading Camp, featuring more than 100 culturally relevant, fun, and Common Core aligned literacy-focused activity worksheets. In partnership with Qlovi, a free K-12 eReading and writing platform, Premium subscribers will also have access to free digital eBooks and can even challenge themselves with online quizzes. A modest subscription fee to the DIY Summer Reading Camp is available for families and groups such as schools and libraries.

Like last year, our free basic registration allows families, educators, and students to access bilingual literacy materials such as our L4LL Summer Reading List with titles by U.S. Latino children’s authors and illustrators divided by age, reading pledges, reading logs, and certificates of achievement, all at no cost.

The families of participating students who complete the program will qualify to enter our reading incentives giveaway–perfect for heading back to school. Our giveaway includes:

  • Basic school supplies for 60 families
  • Google Play gift cards to help parents and students find eBooks online
  • Google Chromebooks for students and schools

Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL) designed this innovative program with the goal of helping students reach and exceed literacy goals while having fun thanks to the support of Delta DentalBoden PR, Social Lens Research, KNP CommunicationsThe Wise Latina Club, Mommy Maestra, and is powered by Google.

WHO: Newborns to children eighteen years of age. To maximize success, L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program also welcomes adult stakeholders to reinforce, model, and help students exceed literacy skills such as parents, teachers, librarians, authors, illustrators, computer programmers, and celebrities.

WHEN/WHERE: The L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program is an online 10-week session beginning June 1 until August 10, 2014 that participants can individualize according to their learning and scheduling needs. Updates and additional information will be posted on our website blog, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

HOW: After registering on our website, participants can download the premium DIY Summer Reading Camp and/or the freemium L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program package. Throughout the summer, students and parents will be tracking the time spent reading and completing the curriculum while staying engaged through interactive events including literacy and family-focused crafts, YouTube videos, Google+ Hangouts on Air, and at the end of the summer qualify to enter for great reading incentives such as Google Chromebooks.

For summer reading program underwriting opportunities and media interviews, please contact Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D. by filling out our contact form.

L4LL’s 2014 Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program Is Live

Latino Children's Summer Reading Program

2014 SRP module 600

We proudly announce the 2014 L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program, powered by Google, is back for its second year after last year’s successful pilot!

We know that one of the greatest stumbling blocks that our children face academically is literacy. Too many are not reading well by the end of third grade. This has a tremendous impact on the rest of their academic life because after third grade, instead of learning to read, they must read to learn.

Summer is an especially crucial time for all students because during these two to three months, they can forget and lose important literacy skills they learned during the school year. It’s also a great time to help foster their love of reading. Our 10-week program aims to help families and educators counter the so-called “summer slide” where students can lose up to 22% of what they learned during the school year, even more acute for Hispanic students. To reverse this detrimental trend, L4LL designed an original program to education standards that is culturally relevant and fun to help parents and educators develop their students’ literacy skills such as reading comprehension and vocabulary development. The program goes live on June 1 and runs through August 10, 2014 with readers qualifying at the end of the program to enter to win our reading incentives giveaway including Google Chromebooks, Google Play gift cards, and basic school supplies!

This year, we unveil the Premium summer reading program called the “Do It Yourself (DIY) 10-week Summer Reading Camp.” Families who purchase this option for a modest subscription fee of $50 — that’s only $5 dollars a week! — will be able to guide their children’s reading and writing skills development through more than 100 original, pedagogically designed, and culturally-based printable activity pages divided into 10 weekly themes of:

  1. Music
  2. Art
  3. Poetry
  4. Folklore
  5. Summer
  6. Sports
  7. Nature
  8. Food
  9. Familia
  10. Immigration & Heritage

And all of these Camp printables will be available in Spanish this week!

Premium members can also keep track of the 8 titles their kids (up to 4) are reading using our online form, then submit the titles with a simple click of a button to enter to win fabulous prizes.

Premium members also have access all summer to the Freemium component which include:

  • Our 2014 recommended reading lists of titles by U.S. Latino children’s authors and illustrators divided by age group (0-4; 4-8; 9-18 year olds)
  • Reading pledges because writing down commitments maximizes goal setting and success
  • Reading logs to track titles and daily minutes
  • Certificates of achievement to celebrate and reward your child’s commitment

Groups such as libraries, community centers, language camps, schools, and other educational programs can order our group DIY Reading Camp for children ages 6 to 12 years old. For more information including subscription fees and to order the L4LL Group DIY Reading Camp, please CLICK HERE.

Families can CLICK HERE to register for this year’s L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program.

The 2014 L4LL Latino Children's Summer Reading Program sponsors

Vision, passion, and conviction can spark change. But resources sustain it. L4LL is grateful to our underwriters who when we shared our idea, all said, “I’m in! How can I help?” including Delta DentalBoden PRSocial Lens Research, and KNP Communications. We thank the readers and team members of The Wise Latina Club and MommyMaestra for supporting us while Monica and I temporarily turned away to burn the morning, afternoon, evening, and midnight oil to create this program.

Last but not least, we thank Google for the support and technology to help our program reach and be as accessible to as many families and community groups as have web access.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing many great components to this project. If you or your company would like to support the L4LL Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program, please contact us.

In advance, we salute you  for your commitment to raising readers and for joining our mission to improve literacy and lives.

¡A leer!/Let’s read! ~ Viviana and Monica