L4LL’s DIY Summer Reading Camp in English & Spanish

DIY Camp module

Did you know that our L4LL DIY Summer Reading Camp is available in English and Spanish? Available to Premium subscribers, this reading camp has 100+ printable activity pages sorted into 10 different themes to span our 10-week summer reading program.
These literacy activities are culturally-based and designed for kids in 2nd through 6th grade. Your kids will read about famous Latinos such as Pelé and Celia Cruz, and learn about curanderas. They’ll get to create their own family tree, follow a recipe for making their own paletas, write poetry, compose their own song, keep an adventure journal, and try to mark off all of the fun activities on our Summer Bucket List.

Download some sample pages from our L4LL DIY Summer Reading Camp below by selecting your preferred language:



Additional Latino children’s literature titles are recommended for each theme, but the DIY Camp is a stand-alone program and you do not have to purchase any books to accompany it.

You can,  however, download four free eBooks thanks to our partnership with Qlovi, an online eReading and writing platform. When you sign up, you’ll receive a special code that lets your family access these titles from any digital device.

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Freemium subscribers: you can purchase individual files for $6 each. Visit our online shop.




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