35+ Places Your Kid Can Read a Book

35 places to read a book
To show how easy it is to find time to read, we’ve started a list of places where any child can read a book. What would you add to the list?

  1. In a car
  2. On a plane
  3. In a hammock
  4. On the couch
  5. At the doctor’s office
  6. On a bus
  7. Under a table
  8. In a fort
  9. With a dinosaur
  10. In a box
  11. On the stairs
  12. At the park
  13. By the pool
  14. In a barn
  15. In the bathroom
  16. On a train
  17. At the beach
  18. On a bed
  19. In a tent
  20. On a hay bale
  21. In a boat
  22. In the library
  23. On Abuela’s (Grandma’s) lap
  24. On a bench
  25. At a desk
  26. In a restaurant
  27. On a swing
  28. In front of the fire
  29. At a bookstore
  30. In a bucket
  31. In a wheelbarrow
  32. On the subway
  33. In a sandbox
  34. Under a tree
  35. In the kitchen
  36. With a friend


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