Pat Mora Kicks Off Día Blog Hop

Pat Mora for the Día Blog Hop

We are so proud to bring to you the 2nd Día Blog Hop! You can find the full schedule of authors/illustrators and blogs here. Here to kick off this year’s blog hop is Día founder, writer and poet Pat Mora…

A Día Blog Hop! Such a clever idea, and today we begin the Second Annual Hop. Many times we have creative ideas, but in our busy world, we lose interest and what could have been a fun and effective tradition to share becomes a one-time-only event, so congratulations, felicitaciones, to our persistent Blog planners! Let’s enjoy the fun.

Before 1996 when the idea for Día zapped me on the head, April meant spring and my youngest’s birthday—on April 30th actually. You can learn about Día’s history, our Día Dynamos and Partners, and download our Planning Booklet on the Día section of my website. When I learned that Día was celebrated in Mexico on April 30th, I told my daughter, Cissy, that on the 30th, all over the country, we were celebrating children, sharing bookjoy—and celebrating her birthday too ;)

Día Planning Booklet

Because so many Día celebrations are held across the country, and because I believe in community control, we say that Día is celebrated on or near April 30th. In the back of Book Fiesta I give suggestions as I do on my site and stress that April celebrations can be held at home, schools, libraries, community organizations, parks, universities, etc. Día began as a one-day celebration and became 1. A year-long commitment to creative literacy promotion for all children and 2. Annual April celebrations of Children and of Sharing Bookjoy with children and families.

Día is an opportunity to create a national tradition. Join us! As we the celebrate Mothers in May and Fathers in June, together, let’s create the tradition of celebrating children and books, niños y libros, in April. LET’S DO THIS! Create or support an April celebration in your community. I still want to see a YouTube video of a creative Día flash mob. There’s a Día song and you can create your own music. Día is fun, and yet it’s important work since literacy is essential in a democracy.


Pat lives in Santa Fe but was born and spent much of her life in El Paso, Texas. She is an award-winning poet and author of books for adults, teens, and children. A former teacher and university administrator, she is the founder of the family literacy initiative El día de los niños, El día de los libros/Children’s Day, Book Day (Día). Pat is married to an anthropology professor and is the mother of three adult children and a sweet granddaughter. Pat is very excited that she now has a co-author, her daughter Libby Martinez. This April their first two books are being published, I Pledge Allegiance and Bravo, Chico Canta! Bravo! English and Spanish editions.