HHM Reading Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Monogram Bookmarks

The following is a guest post by Dariela Cruz who publishes the site, Mami Talks.

It is great to nurture the habit of reading in kids of any age. For some it is easier and for others it’s harder. In my case, my two kids love to read; both in different ways, but they do. My younger one, who is only 3, doesn’t read yet but acts like she does, most of the time she can’t wait for us to read her a book, she has to grab it and start pretending to read it herself! Well, that works too!

The older one is reading now and loves to do it out loud, which I find cute.

A great way to keep encouraging the love of reading is to make some crafts around it. We have made many type of bookmarks in the past but I thought it was time to create a bookmark using washi tape (or craft tape that comes in so many awesome colors and patterns) and include the initial of the child’s name. They love this because it is a special bookmark for each of them. This craft can be made with the help of kids 7 and older.

Here is how to make the washi tape monogram bookmarks:


Poster board
Washi tape in different colors
craft knife


1. With a pencil (not too strong but not too light either), draw a rectangle for the bookmark of about 6 inches tall by 2 inches wide, on top of the rectangle, draw the letter of the initial. You can use this page as a guide for the letters, pick a bold letter and type in the letter you need, if necessary you can also print it out.

2. Pick two or more different tapes and start by masking the letter with horizontal lines (don’t worry about the holes, they will be cut out later).

3. Pick two or more different tapes (different than the ones used for the letter) and mask the main rectangle of the bookmark vertically. Choose contrasting colors from the letter so the letter comes out when looking at it all together.

4. Cut the holes and sides of the bookmark with a craft knife.

After we were done creating these bookmarks, the kids each picked one of their favorite books and started reading it with the bookmark inside because they just wanted to use it! I love how the initial of each of their names pops out of each book so you know who was reading what. In fact now we want to create more in different colors, that way they’ll have more available to use!


Dariela is a Venezuelan mom and graphic designer currently living in San Diego, CA. She blogs atMami Talks, where she shares the day-to-day as a mom of her 6 year-old son Adrian and 3 year-old daughter Maya. In her blog you can always find fresh ideas, crafts and inspirations filled with lots of photography. She is passionate about family, culture and anything art related. Connect with Dariela on twitter:@darielacruz, Facebook, Google+ or her Design Blog.

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