YA Challege Opened to Include Tweens

We’ve heard you! We’ve had emails asking if we would consider opening up our teen challenge to include younger children, so the L4LL YA Challenge is now being expanded to allow tweens to also participate. We realize that kids ages 9 to 12 are consuming technology at a accelerating rate, including in their schools and at home. Many parents are using tablets and computer software to help their children become tech literate and to help them learn specific concepts that the kids are struggling with at school.

The L4LL YA Challenge

Kids ages 9 to 18 are still challenged to read 8 books this summer, AND we want them to also present a video book report on a piece of Latino (children’s) literature that they’ve read. This book may be one of the 8 books they’ve read for the program, and may or may not be found on our reading list for young adults.

The families of participants in this age range who submit a list of the 8 books they’ve read over the summer, as well as a video book report about a piece of Latino (children’s) lit that they’ve read, will be entered to win one of 10 Chromebooks and 10 Nexus 7 tablets donated by our sponsor, Google. The video book report will be archived in the L4LL YouTube channel.

For a complete description of the YA Challenge Rules, click on the link below.

YA Challenge Resources

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