Margarita’s Poetry Picks


by *Margarita Engle

Here are just a few
of my favorite poetry books
old and new,
to add to our summer
because la poesía
has always been such a grand part
of our wide-winged culture’s
powerful heart.

So fly into the world
of a book!

Happy summer!
¡Feliz verano!


Ada, Alma Flor and Campoy, Isabel. 2011. Ten Little Puppies; Diez Perritos. New York: Rayo/ Harper Collins.

Alarcón, Francisco. 1998. From The Bellybutton of the Moon and Other Summer Poems/Del Ombligo de la Luna y Otros Poemas de Verano. San Francisco: Children’s Book Press.

Argueta, Jorge Tetl. 2010. Arroz con leche; Rice Pudding. Toronto: Groundwood.

Delacre, Lulu. 2004. Arrorró Mi Niño: Latino Lullabies and Gentle Games. New York: Scholastic.

González, Lucía. 1994. The Bossy Gallito. New York: Scholastic.

Herrera, Juan Felipe. 2001. Calling the Doves/El Canto de las Palomas. San Franscisco: Children’s Book Press.

Mora, Pat. 2007. Yum! Mmmm! ¡Qué Rico! America’s Sproutings. New York: Lee & Low.

Tafolla, Carmen. 2008. What Can You Do With A Rebozo? ¿Qué Puedes Hacer Con Un Rebozo? Berkeley: Tricycle Press.


Bernier-Grand, Carmen T. 2009. Diego; Bigger Than Life. New York: Marshall Cavendish.

Cofer, Judith Ortiz. 2004. Call Me María; A Novel in Letters, Poems, and Prose. New York: Orchard.

Herrera, Juan Felipe. 1998. Laughing Out Loud, I Fly: Poems in English and Spanish. New York: Harper Collins

McCall, Guadalupe García. 2011. Under the Mesquite. New York: Lee & Low.

Soto, Gary. 1992. Neighborhood Odes. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

These are just a few examples—for a more complete selection of multicultural poetry, ask your librarian, or visit:

Vardell, Sylvia. 2012. The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists. Princeton, NJ: Pomelo Books.
The Poetry Friday anthology series, published by Pomelo Press.


*Brief bio
Margarita Engle is the Cuban-American author of many books for young people, including the Newbery Honor-winning verse novel, The Surrender Tree, Poems of Cuba’s Struggle for Freedom. Her most recent books are: The Lightning Dreamer, Cuba’s Greatest Abolitionist (Harcourt; ages 10 and up), Mountain Dog (Holt; ages 8 and up), and When You Wander, a Search and Rescue Dog Story (Holt, ages 2 and up).

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