Black Book of Colors: A Zoobean Pick + Free Bilingual Reading Guides

The following is a guest post and giveaway from our friends at Zoobean.

When I select books for my kids, I search for those that reflect their family and backgrounds so that they can see themselves in what they read. On the other hand, I, like most parents, look very hard to handpick a variety of books that also give my kids a window into other cultures and experiences. So, when we discoveredBlack Book of Colors, by Rosana Faria and Menina Cottin, I knew I had found something special. The book is about how a blind boy, Thomas, perceives color. The striking black pages, with faint designs and raised Braille, describe colors using every sense except sight. “Red is sour like unripe and as sweet as watermelon. It hurts when he finds it on his scraped knee.”

At Zoobean, we curate children’s book subscriptions, based on your preferences, and accompany them with reading guides. We also feature books each month, including The Black Book of Colors. A Zoobean curator, who is also a parent and children’s librarian, touches on how this book both resonates personally with kids and also gives them an entirely new perspective, “Sometimes children are both fascinated and frightened by disabilities and I think presenting blindness in such relatable and beautiful ways satisfies their curiosity while also making it less foreign and therefore less scary. It helps you plant the seeds of compassion and sensitivity.” I hope that followers of Latinas for Latino Lit and beyond share in this same experience with the extraordinary Black Book of Colors. This book is available in Spanish and English, and was first written in Spanish by a Venezuelan author. Here we have provided bilingual reading guides for you in English and Spanish, created by an award-winning educator in Washington, DC.

A recent review on Red Tricycle described Zoobean as “the lovechild of your fave indie bookstore and trusted children’s librarian.” I love that description! We hope you’ll keep in touch with us by signing up for our FREE catalog of children’s books, including the capacity to filter books by language, character’s background, topic, and much more.

– Jordan Lloyd Bookey, Chief Mom at Zoobean

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Jordan Lloyd Bookey is Chief Mom at Zoobean, a discovery and personalization platform for kids’ books, all handpicked by parents. Before she decided to make the leap as an entrepreneur, Jordan served as Google’s Head of K-12 Education Outreach, where she was responsible for the company’s worldwide programs that expand access to technology and computer science kids. Jordan lives with her family in Washington, DC. You can usually find her at 1776 DC, working on Zoobean with her husband and Chief Dad, Felix, or exploring the city and trying to keep up with their two little kiddos.


  1. Laura S. says

    What a great idea for a book! Love that it uses all the senses except sight to describe the colors!!!

  2. Robyn M. says

    As a bilingual 2nd grade teacher, I am constantly looking for good literature for my students. I can’t wait to read this book.

  3. says

    This sounds like a great book! I can’t wait to look for it at our local library. I too am continually searching for great books that open the eyes of my children to different cultures and perspectives from their own. And as a former Special Education teacher, I’m eager to check this one out! Thanks for letting us know about this book!

  4. says

    As an elementary school librarian, I’d love to win a copy of this book! We have a center for the hearing impaired at our school, so viewing the world from a different lens is something that they are used to doing. This would make a lovely addition to our library collection.

  5. says

    Hi Everyone,

    I am so glad that you like the book and guides! We are thrilled that so many of you are passionate about books and look forward to announcing our giveaway winners soon! -Jordan, aka Chief Mom at Zoobean :)

  6. says

    with this book, I remember a movie I watched once in Mexico when I was a kid “De que color es el viento / What color is air?”, even if I don’t win, I’d consider it for my kids.

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