A Video Book Report on Dancing Home

Have you submitted a video book report, yet, for the Young Adult Challenge? We have 10 Chromebooks and 10 Nexus 7 tablets ready to ship out in a few weeks after the deadline passes. Families with children ages 9 to 18 have until August 12th to submit their videos. Find all the details here.

Check out how easy it is to do a video book report by watching Marianna Cruz‘s awesome book report below. We thoroughly approve of her book choice (Alma Flor Ada and Gabriel M. Zubizarreta will be thrilled!) and are so proud of her presentation. She told us her name, which book she chose, a little bit about it, why she likes it, and if she recommends it to other kids. She did an incredible job, don’t you think? ¡Bien hecho, Marianna!

¡Aplausos, por favor!


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    Querida Mariana: What a beautiful surprise has it been for me to watch today your amazing video report. I was delighted that you chose, and enjoyed Dancing Home, but above all I want to congratulate you for such a well done presentation.
    You were both very poised and natural. You gave so many details of the book, that, if I had not written it I would have definitely wanted to read it! And all along you looked directly to the camera making the viewer feel you were directly speaking to her/him.
    Please, write to me at my website [www.almaflorada.com] I would love to hear from you and to have your mailing address. I would like to send you an autographed copy of the new book YES! WE ARE LATINOS that I have written with Isabel Campoy. I believe you will like it, since it presents many different Latino children, some who have the richness of a dual Latino heritage. Have a beautiful day! Alma Flor

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