Using Our Summer Reading Lists

One of the biggest challenges Latino parents face when it comes to finding Latino children’s literature is knowing what books are out there. We kept this in mind when we were creating our summer reading lists. They are filled with titles by or about Latinos, and include biographies, folklore, abecedarios, and many others. And they are great reads the whole year round, not just during summer.

We’ve been asked if the books on our reading lists are mandatory reading for the summer. NO. They are NOT mandatory. These are simply just a few of the books that we love and recommend to those of you looking for bilingual and Spanish-language books.

We’ve also been asked where these books can be purchased. Most, if not all, of the books can be purchased on We also have a list of links to sites that sell Latino literature on our Summer Reading Tips page.

You can find our summer reading lists here on our page with all our printables for the L4LL Summer Reading Program.

More to come!


You’ve been asking and asking where you can buy all these books in once place. So we created an Amazon store with all of the titles on our reading lists. This is an affiliate link. Your purchase helps to fund the summer reading program! Visit our store here.

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