35+ Ways to Keep Your Child Excited About Reading

One challenge that parents face during the summer is keeping their kids excited about reading. So we’ve put together a short list of ways to make reading fun.

Did we miss one? Feel free to share your own tricks with all of us and the other families participating in the Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program by leaving a comment below!

  1. Read with your child.
  2. Make it special and set up a comfortable reading nook just for your child.
  3. Visit the bookstore or library on a weekly basis.
  4. Translate a story!
  5. Read the book…then watch the movie. Discuss which one you liked better and why.
  6. Involve friends. Invite your child’s friends over for a book swap party.
  7. Create your own book club and meet weekly to discuss new books.
  8. Make puppets and then have your child(ren) put on a puppet show of the story for friends and family.
  9. Dress up in costumes and re-enact the story! (Who doesn’t love a good play?)
  10. Write up a book report.
  11. Help your child create a video book review!
  12. Add variety. Read books, magazines, eBooks, cookbooks, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, comic books, graphic novels, classics, action & adventure…
  13. Ask your child to write and illustrate his/her own story.
  14. Read outside.
  15. Read in the car.
  16. Download Storia.
  17. Go to the park to read!
  18. Make up different endings.
  19. Buy picture books without words and make up your own story.
  20. Use story boards.
  21. Make meals mentioned in the story.
  22. Create a felt story board.
  23. Join a summer reading program.
  24. Listen to audiobooks.
  25. Create a reward chart.
  26. Use reading logs to record their progress.
  27. Use story cubes.
  28. Use incentives (these can be physical items or simple privileges).
  29. Read aloud. Pick a book you both love and take turns reading to each other.
  30. Dress it up! Gift wrap a book you’ve carefully selected and give it to your child as a gift.
  31. Make sure your child is reading books on her level. Books that are too difficult or advanced make reading a lot less fun.
  32. Buy a fun book light at the dollar store.
  33. Bribery! (Lol!!)
  34. Give your child his own library card.
  35. Read to a pet!
  36. Read to a stuffed toy.
  37. Stay up late reading!
  38. Read to a friend.
  39. Read to Abuela or Abuelo (Grandma or Grandpa).
  40. Let your child choose the book.
  41. Find books on topics your child is interested in.
  42. Vary your child’s reading routine.


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