NBC Latino: Opinion: Where is the Latino children’s literature?

The following excerpt is from an article on NBC Latino that includes a very brief history of Latino children’s literature in recent years.

This week an article in the New York Times caused a stir among the Latino community over the lack of Latino children’s literature available to Latino students. Bloggers, journalists, publishers, and parents all have something to say about it, and there is a growing discontent among Latino parents who cannot easily find books that reflect their children’s faces and experience.

This lack of representation deeply impacts our children’s academic success, because if they don’t have books and stories that they can relate to during their first years in school, then learning to read becomes more difficult. My kids have never enjoyed the Dick & Jane series because they think Dick & Jane are boring. I’m not knocking the series – it has helped teach thousands of children to read. But one key doesn’t fit every lock, just like one book doesn’t fit every child.

And it is crucial that children learn to read by the end of third grade – and learn to read well. Because starting in fourth grade, they must then use their literacy skills in a different way and start reading to learn. A child who is cannot read well by fourth grade will struggle in every other subject as a result….READ MORE.

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