AMN: Latina Bloggers Respond: Void In Latino Children’s Literature

~ by Carla

As a mom, I’ve made a commitment to raise my daughters bilingual. To that end, I believe one of the most important things I’ve done is fill our home with a wonderful collection of bilingual books. I curated our collection primarily through our local big box bookstores (Barnes & Noble and the now defunct Borders), however, after three short years I have bought all of their Spanish or bilingual books. They have done little to refresh their selection since then. I’m relatively certain many of the books there are the same ones whose spines I’ve been skimming since 2007 when I had my first daughter.

It’s frustrating. It makes my job as a mom raising bilingual daughters more difficult. Now I understand my frustration is a privileged one because I have the means to walk into a bookstore and walk out with a handful of books. Imagine then how much more difficult it is for the population of children addressed in the New York Times article who may not be able to drive to a bookstore and may not have the money to buy the books they wantREAD MORE.

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